Global Warming is Good and the Shocking Hoax We’ve Been Sold

Global Warming: Haew Suwat waterfalls, Thailand
Global warming is great for plant growth. Haew Suwat waterfalls, Thailand. Photo: USMC (PD).

I was an idiot. For years, I bought the lies being pumped out through the mainstream media regarding Anthropogenic (manmade) Global Warming (AGW).

Lies? Yes, and lots of them.

In this article, we are going to look at the simple facts about warming and cooling. We will also look at the political and social movements on this issue and what’s behind them. And finally, we will look at the costs, both financially and politically.

How Much Steam Rises Off of Ice Water?

Global Warming: Sands of Dubai
Global warming will help reduce the deserts, like this one in Dubai. Photo: Peter Dowley (CC BY 2.0) via

To show just how wrong this Global Warming hoax is, consider how much evaporation occurs with ice water. Very little. All that cold has insufficient energy to do much evaporation, thus very little steam rises off of ice water.

In fact, cold water sucks the water vapor out of air. You see this in the condensation around your glass when you have a cold drink on a hot, humid day. You see this in the fog that rolls in over a cold body of water and sometimes even over a snow pack. All that cold is sucking the water out of the air, making it drier, forcing the water vapor into water droplets which eventually fall out of the air.

Cold climate means very little evaporation. This means that during colder climates, there is far less rain. Where there is less rain, there is less plant growth and more desert. More desert means more dust. During the last Ice Age glacial period, Earth was gripped with heavy desertification. This means making more and more deserts. All of this is bad for life.

Warm climate has the opposite effect. Greater warmth means greater evaporation, more rain, more plant growth and fewer deserts and less dust. All of this is good for life.

Global Warming means more life.

Global Warming Has Little to Do With Pollution

Global Warming: Nothing to do with pollution like these sulfur fumes.
Global warming scare promoted as a pollution fix. But global warming has little to do with pollution, like these sulfur fumes pouring out of an Olin Mathieson chemical plant smokestacks (PD), via

Yes, pollution is bad, but carbon dioxide is not a pollutant!

Since this hoax was first perpetrated, we’ve heard lots of buzz words to promote this new mindset—”climate change,” “greenhouse gases,” “carbon footprint” and more. It’s all Madison Avenue gobbledygook. We’ve been sold a raincoat in dry weather.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a natural gas—a gas of life. Plants require it in order to grow. Carbon dioxide is what they breathe in. We breathe out CO2. It’s part of the cycle of life.

Pollution is sulfur dioxide, soot and other industrial chemicals that are not a natural part of the life cycle. Caring about our home planet is good, but the movements associated with this goodness have been co-opted by the bad guys. And since the bad guys have the loud speaker, other voices cannot be heard. When they are heard, they are quickly labeled “kook,” “denier,” and the like.

People have been hoodwinked by the media’s association of “Bad Pollution” with good “Carbon Dioxide.” Industry pumps out lots of pollution—true. Industry pumps out lots of carbon dioxide—true. But pollution and carbon dioxide are not the same thing. Industry also pumps out lots of desirable products—toasters, watches, dishware, furniture, clothing, shoes and more. Somehow, “Evil Industry” is the target. Would it surprise you to find out that evil industrialists are behind this Global Warming hoax? More on that in a minute.

The Global Warming Documentary that Won an Academy Award

Global Warming: Al Gore, king of the hoax.
King of the Global Warming hoax, Al Gore, at SapphireNow, 2010. Photo: Tom Raftery (CC BY-SA 2.0), via

Al Gore won an Oscar for his lie-fest, the documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. Perhaps the fact that it won an Academy Award tells us more about the political leanings of the voters (actors, actresses and other Hollywood artists). It certainly is light on science and truth.

The film portrays Global Warming as bad. Right off the bat, the film proves itself wrong. How? As we’ve already seen, Global Warming is good. Global cooling is bad.

In the film Al Gore shows a graph with climate temperatures skyrocketing in modern times and relatively tame climate before that. We now know about “Climate-Gate” and the fudged numbers by climate scientists to make things look worse. They cooked the books.

Some websites attempt to gloss over the fraud by declaring that such fraud does not change the “scientific consensus on global warming.” What they forget to mention is that science is never done by “consensus.” What they omit is the fact that the “consensus” is itself a lie. Most empirical climate scientists disagree with the United Nations, its IPCC and the “Climate-Gate,” computer modeling “scientists.” That’s hardly a consensus. And when the United Nations’ IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) hijacks scientists’ names to add them to the consensus—against their wishes—then the “consensus” is seen clearly as a marketing scam. One scientist had to take the IPCC to court to get his name removed.

The evidence is overwhelming that they perpetrated scientific fraud. But why?

Global Warming is a Multi-Trillion Dollar Industry

Global Warming conference in Bali
This is the heart of the Global Warming industry. Fighting Global Warming at the United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Bali, 2007:1203. Photo: Oxfam International (CC BY 2.0) via

For all of the rumors about Big Oil being behind the campaigns to deny Global Warming, all one needs to do is to look at the Rockefeller (Biggest Oil) Foundation’s website on climate change. Big oil is not behind the denial; they are behind the scam itself. What better way to swindle the world out of Trillions of dollars? Make the oil companies and other big corporations the bad guys. Gloss over the facts that the chief industrialists and globalists are the ones who started this scam.

Reducing the “carbon footprint” is now seen as the responsible thing to do. That’s as dumb as some actress cutting off her breasts because she might get breast cancer. Perhaps she could also cut off her pretty head, too, because she might get brain cancer. Dumb! Reducing carbon dioxide is a non-issue, because Global Warming is good.

Real climate scientists—those who follow the empirical data and draw their conclusions from that—tell us that Global Warming comes before increases in CO2, not after! In other words, Global Warming is not caused by “carbon footprints.” But past increases in CO2 came after increases in global temperatures.

In fact, during the first big surge in carbon dioxide production in the twentieth century (1940–1975), climate temperatures went down! Scientists back in the early 70s were talking about a global cooling scare.

With the first big surge in carbon dioxide, climate temperatures went down!

Governments are being pressured, more and more, to adopt measures to tax those who emit the greatest carbon dioxide. This is a multi-trillion dollar industry. No wonder so many greedy scientists are fudging the numbers and their climate models. Disaster makes money. If you predict calm, you don’t get squat. The writing on the wall is clear: if you want to make money, predict disaster.

Scares Make Great News—Global Warming is No Different

Global Warming: Like this car bomb terrorism in Iraq, terror sells.
The way Global Warming is being “sold,” it’s downright scary. Like this car bomb in Iraq, people react to terrorism. Boring doesn’t sell anything. Photo: US Army (PD) via

Let’s face it. People like controversy and scares. It stirs the blood. It creates excitement. We all know that a movie without any conflict is deadly boring. The same with news.

“Mild weather. The same as yesterday and the day before that.” Boring.




“Climate threatens to destroy civilization!” Exciting.

Whether it’s Global Warming or Global Cooling, someone can create a scare out of it to sell newspapers and get the public motivated into action. Scares will do that. That’s human nature.

What if some people got together to harness that human nature? Conspiracy theory?

There’s another buzz word for you—”conspiracy theory.” What does it provoke in people? Disgust? Revulsion? Disinterest? Embarrassment? Some people have said, “I’m not a conspiracy theorist,” but what are they really saying? They’re saying, I don’t want to be associated with kooks.

But are all conspiracy theorists, kooks? Certainly some are.

What about “conspiracy facts?” With this term we provoke confusion. “Conspiracy” is associated with lies and insanity. But facts are associated with truth and sanity. Is a “conspiracy fact” an oxymoron—a self-contradictory term?

From the mild paranoia that people exhibit around the term “conspiracy,” you would think that there was something kooky about conspiracies. But what’s kooky—the fact that conspiracies don’t exist and some are deluded enough to believe in them?

Well, hold onto your halo. Conspiracies exist! They’ve existed since the beginning of humanity. There are likely thousands of conspiracies every day! Yes, every day! They exist—from the two young brothers conspiring to break into the cookie jar to Wall Street bankers conspiring to bilk Billions from the markets with worthless paper.

Reality check:

  • Has a banker ever gotten greedy?
  • Has anyone ever stolen money or property?
  • Has anyone ever lied to the public for personal gain?
  • Has anyone ever committed murder for their own benefit?
  • Has anyone in a position of power ever committed crimes to gain more power?

You know you have to answer “yes” to each of these. Behind each of these, there might be a conspiracy. When two or more people get together and talk about doing something unethical or criminal, that’s a conspiracy.

To react to the label, “Conspiracy Theory,” with ignorance or blindness, is just what conspirators would want you to do. “Don’t look at us. We’re not robbing the bank. We’re not even here.”

The Global Warming Game to Fool You

Global Warming cure for Thermophobia
The Cure for Thermophobia is coming. Bookmark this page and check back. ETA: November 2015

Nearly 20 years ago, the climate leveled off. Global Warming ended for the time being. Yet, we still hear lots about reducing the “carbon footprint.” Getting rid of “greenhouse gases.” Being responsible. Doing what is “sustainable.”

If Global Warming is not still going on, then why the continued concern about “carbon footprints” and the like?

Guilt by association. Now, it’s no longer “Global Warming.” The real culprit is “Climate Change.” But since “Bad” has been equated with “Climate Change,” and “Climate Change” has been associated with “Global Warming,” and “Global Warming” has been associated with “carbon footprints,” then bad “Climate Change” is associated with “carbon footprints.” But when the climate cools for twenty years and carbon dioxide levels still rise, who has been lying? Northern temperatures have continued to rise a bit, but southern temperatures have dropped, making the climate change of recent years slightly down in temperature.

But that’s not the only fallacious aspect of “climate change.” Climate change is not bad, either. Climate change has been going on for billions of years. Climate never stops changing.

Taxing something as big as global climate sounds like it could make lots of money. And it is. But who pays for it? You and I pay for it. However, there is an even more dire cost to this Global Warming scam: political control. Those who would perpetrate such a fraud want power more than money. With power, you can do whatever you want.

Being responsible is good. Falling for the manipulation that would use this urge toward responsibility for personal gain is bad. In other words, don’t be played. Don’t react to scare tactics.

The following video indicates just how badly people have been played on this issue.

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Global Warming Bottom Line

Don’t be bullied. Don’t jump when someone says, “Boo!” Don’t react. Dig deep; investigate for yourself. Look at all sides of the issue. Look at the motivations behind the scenes. Don’t buy the slander of one group against another at face value. Don’t go by preconceived notions, like “industry is bad” or “the Rockefellers are good because they donate to public charities.”

Global Warming is a good thing, because it brings more rain and more life.

How long did you believe the Global Warming scam? How long have you known better?

More Global Warming or Climate Change Videos

You can find more videos on this issue at my YouTube Climate Change playlist.

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