Weakening America — The Slow Death of a Great Nation

Weakening America: old man and cane
Old man hobbling on a walking cane, a symbol of a weakening America. Photo: Joaquim Alves Gaspar (CC BY-SA 3.0)

There used to be a certain “can do” attitude in America that seems largely missing these days. A great number of forces have been weakening America for well over a century.

Being a student of history, it has become somewhat clearer to me that America was never perfect. Not even close. But it was far better than all the rest. Yet, with each improvement, some of the heart and soul of the nation was lost—stripped away by invisible fingers as surely as acid etches the surface of raw metal.

On average, Americans have become soft, needy people. Instead of nation builders, they have become leeches on the heritage of our forefathers. There are exceptions, but the average is sorely slumped.

Obesity and illness have skyrocketed. Health care costs in the United States are the highest in the world, but the health status of Americans is sub par.

The SAT exams have had to be recentered downward a few times in the last several years. Our children are becoming dumber. Perhaps they’ll have to recenter the IQ scores, too. Everyone who stabilized at one level will get an automatic bump because the average at 100 now has a new, lower meaning.

The Forces Weakening America from Within

Weakening America: old man in San Jose.
An old man in San Jose, symbolizing weakening America from the inside. Photo: Shayan Sanyal (CC BY 2.0)

We have traitors amongst us—people who are actively, yet quietly, stripping away the strength and virility of America. Conspiracy? If you are one of those who thinks conspiracies never happen, then you are living in a delusion. In my book, Dirt Ordinary, I show how there are nearly two million new conspiracies starting each hour on this planet, all year long, every year. Children do it, businesses do it, and so do governments. Wherever there is selfishness and self-concern, you will find the seeds of conspiracy.

In David Rockefeller’s memoirs, the elder banker admits to conspiring “against the best interests of the United States.” And he’s proud of it. That’s treason.

The Neo-Cons wrote in 2000 how they needed a “new Pearl Harbor” to help them achieve their goals. They got their new Pearl Harbor and covered up the crime by blaming it on Muslims. Mayor Giuliani scrubbed the crime scene in New York. And the top military officers complicit in the crime all received promotions. “Incompetence” was merely the facade used to hide the conspiracy.

Some people resist the idea of conspiracies. They’ve been trained well. I even found myself reacting to the word while teaching a college class, here in the Philippines. The reaction took me by surprise. The deeper I looked, the more surprised I became. I had been programmed to react to the word so that I would not look in that direction. Curious. Who did the programming?

In 1981, when Ronald Reagan moved into the White House, he met with all of the government people with whom he’d be working. When he met with the head of the CIA, William Casey, the chief spook told the president, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

What most people don’t know is that the CIA, starting in the 50’s, began a program called Operation Mockingbird to influence the American media.

How chilling it is that these facts resemble so closely the details in Orwell’s dystopian masterpiece, 1984. Was the CIA behind the notion of manipulating how the American public viewed the word “conspiracy?” I’ve noticed that people here in the Philippines don’t have the same reaction to the word as most Americans. Another researcher at Storm Clouds Gathering noticed a similar effect in several European and a few Third World nations. Americans have a unique, knee-jerk reaction to a word, making them shy away or close off their attention toward any controversial ideas that border on “conspiracies.” In fact, the behavioral force is so strong that even questioning the official conspiracy theory of 9/11 gives rise to the “conspiracy theorist” label. Questions equal “conspiracy theories?” Worse, mention a few facts about 9/11 that upend the official conspiracy theory and you get the same label. Facts are not “conspiracy theories.”

Americans have become blinded by their own language. Conspirators can now do what they do in the open with relative impunity. Those who can see what they’re doing will become social pariah, if they talk about it. Sweet programming. Hitler, Chairman Mao and Big Brother Joe Stalin would’ve loved this.

American wars are “peacekeeping actions.” The concept of intelligent distinction has been eroded, because the word “discrimination” has been altered from its positive meaning to a dark, negative meaning. No longer do you hear advertisers say, “Those with discriminating tastes, choose our product over brand X.” Our language has slowly been dumbed down. If a word no longer exists for a certain meaning, then that idea becomes harder to think about.

Weakening America Through the Health System

Weakening America: Angel of Death, Josef Mengele and Auschwitz children.
Angel of Death, Josef Mengele (1956 photo in Argentina), and children at Auschwitz. Similar travesties have been weakening America for decades.

Americans are living longer, but enjoying it less. The medical machine is getting fat off of disease maintenance. Like any selfish beast, it thinks only of itself. When a cure rears its pretty head, they immediately cut it off. There is no peer reviewed study. Any study at all would be bent by the dictates of the corporations potentially affected by such a beautiful cure. Most such cures, though, are quickly outlawed and shunned as “quackery.” The thousands of beneficial results become labeled as “hearsay” or “anecdotal evidence.” The label is all that is needed to dismiss such results.

There’s no profit in cures. There remains handsome profits in maintaining diseases in perpetuity. Most of those working in healthcare feel strongly that they are providing a wonderful, compassionate service. It only takes a few at the top to steer the ship of healthcare toward the cliff of greed and dozens of others to mask the real intent with seemingly reasonable measures.

A world map of cancer rates shows that America and most western aligned nations have the highest death rates. What do they have in common? The food they eat and the chemicals in which they bathe their bodies. So much of the poisons used on our bodies (medicine, food additives, cosmetics, sun tan oil, etc.) are made with Rockefeller petrochemicals.

America’s infamous CDC has a dark past. For forty years, that health agency had conducted illegal experiments on black men in Tuskegee, Alabama. More recently, they were found to have hidden information linking MMR vaccines to autism. This saved the pharmaceutical industry millions and made them billions, but cost the lives of thousands, and the health of millions of young children.

Weakening America Through the Education System

Weakening America: A dunce wearing a fool's cap.
Drawing of the cap of a fool which fits the head of a dunce. Weakening America by making more dunces.

There was a time when students from all over the world flocked to America for its superior education. Perhaps the inertia of that flow still exists, but American education is sub par. America is so far from first place on reading, science and mathematics, it has become a veritable laughing stock.

When one young boy from Thailand arrived in the United States, he barely spoke English. His grades in his home country had been hovering just above failing. Yet, within a year of his arrival in Los Angeles, he was making near straight A’s. American education was drop-dead easy compared to Thai schools. Little Thailand beats America? Incredible.

Albert Einstein once said, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”

Yesterday, I saw a wonderful interview with Lord Christopher Monckton. He opened my eyes even further on the dire state of education in the West (not just in the United States). Missing are the old school basics of grammar, logic and rhetoric. In their place are pale apparitions that pretend to be these things. The focus is on learning facts and rote memorization. Any one student who digs in to find understanding has an immense advantage over their peers.

When I ghost wrote an autobiography for a young man several months ago, he related how he had mastered the subject of computer networking by achieving a deep understanding of the “why” behind the dry facts. On any given day, his co-workers were stuck on their first assignment at mid-day, while he had finished all of his assignments and went home early. The power of critical thinking and deep understanding is lost to most Americans, these days.

Part of the problem is that they have become emotionally attached to things and ideas. Their ego has gotten in the way. If anyone challenges their cherished beliefs about a topic, they become the enemy, rather than a new source of learning.

Weakening America Through Finances

Weakening America: Obama meets Bernanke.
President Barack Obama meets with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke 4-10-09. Keeping alive the illusion that the Fed is part of the government, further weakening America.

When Nick Rockefeller told the late Aaron Russo about the Rockefeller family plans for America, Russo was dismayed. For instance, Rockefeller related how his family had supported Women’s Liberation—not for some altruistic ideal, but in order to break up the family unit, and to mold the child into a ward of the State through the educational system.

Politically Correct speech has corrupted the minds of our children. Warm and fuzzy feelings about polar bears have made them incapable of seeing that Global Warming is good for life and that the returning Ice Age glacial period will kill literally billions of us.

Women’s Liberation also doubled the Rockefeller income. How? With women working, the tax payments to the private Federal Reserve Banks nearly doubled. Private? Most people don’t know that the Federal Reserve System is not and never has been a part of the United States government. It is an independent, private bank, set up by the government, but owned and operated by private banks, owned by private individuals. Conspiracy? You bet. Just read The Creature From Jekyll Island, by G. Edward Griffin

Today, America stands on the edge of a precipice—an eighteen Trillion dollar drop toward oblivion. We have a debt bubble unlike any other seen in the history of humanity. This bubble, like any illegal Ponzi scheme, enriches a few at the top and will leave countless others destitute when the national debt bubble pops.

Finding Our Way Past the Weakening of America

Weakening America: sprout in a light bulb.
Sprout in a light bulb. A symbol for overcoming the current weakening of America. Photo: copyright TakingITGlobal

We need to become more self-reliant, but also more generous and compassionate. Instead of depending on the government and its currency, we need to create real wealth—the kind that dollars can’t buy.

In my science fiction novel (under the pen name, Carl Martin), Touch the Stars: Diaspora, the protagonist is a teenager who comes of age to take on world-class responsibilities. In that book, young Gordon Roanhorse creates his own affirmation—with a snap of the fingers and intense feeling, he says, “Got it solved,” even if the solution is not yet apparent. This kind of attitude is the stuff of civilization building. But it cannot be done selfishly. Selfishness and self-concern remain the roots of all evil. We have to love others as if they were ourselves and to wish for them everything that they desire. When Jesus told his fellow Jews to give to Caesar that which is Caesar’s, he was speaking to this spirit of unconditional generosity.

Having the faith that self will be taken care of, taking our attention fully off of self and giving to others without the need for any recompense—these are the things that will renew the Earth and create a new America from the detritus of the corrupt, old nation.

There are many actions we can take to improve the chances for our children, but any action taken selfishly will only add to the problem in the long run. We must learn to forget selfishness. This is the simple solution, but it remains difficult for any one individual to implement. Jesus warned us about this. He knew it would be difficult. And his sacrifice was the symbol of that difficulty. Once we accept this burden, we gain a new kind of freedom. For without self-concern, we no longer have any limitations. We can never again be a victim. We can create for the benefit of all without any burden of worry. And that is indeed a bright idea to save us from a weakening America.

This article was originally published 2015:0930 on RodMartinJr.com.

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