Happiness is Awareness — Ignorance is Bliss in the Land of Insanity

Is Ignorance Bliss?

Happiness is Awareness: Eton College, England, and Thomas Gray. Happiness (bliss) does not come from ignorance.
Eton College, England, and Thomas Gray. Happiness (bliss) does not come from ignorance. Eton Photo: Kaihsu, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikipedia.org

Thomas Gray wrote in his 1742 poem, “Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College,” this infamous line, “…where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise.” So, even he—the originator of the phrase, “ignorance is bliss”—made clear the insanity of the phrase.

Quite the contrary, ignorance is never bliss, for such bliss is, in reality, delusion.

Does awareness give us happiness? It depends. Awareness of the things that are affecting our emotions is good, but we also need to be aware that we have complete control over what feelings we create. Our environment never creates our feelings, including our happiness. For each individual, that’s our department.

Delusion vs. Happiness

Can delusion ever give you happiness? As I said before, you create your emotions. If you choose to let environmental factors, including lies, affect the emotions you create, then that is your choice.

Take for instance the story of a thief who is also a police chief. The thief we will call “Sam.”

After Sam murders your brother and destroys your brother’s house, he blames the crime on Albert who happened to be nearby and was caught on closed-circuit video just before the crimes.

Albert had been suspected of similar crimes, but police officers were told to leave him alone while certain undercover work was being completed.

Sam anonymously gives his police department a tip that Jack has been harboring the fugitive (Albert), and has been making bombs in his basement. Sam orders his police officers to arrest Jack. The police break into Jack’s house, confiscating all assets. During the rush to take the house, Jack is mistaken to have held a weapon, and is killed before he can reveal that the weapon is instead a television remote.

The police stay in the house for days, rummaging through every part, looking for bomb-making equipment or materials, while Jack’s bereaved family look on in shock and bewilderment. Even after it has been made clear that there are no bomb-making materials in Jack’s house, the police continue to hold all assets, to stay within the house waiting for signs of Albert and to offer no apologies for killing Jack or for the continuing intrusion.

Sound outrageous? Of course it does. But change the names and the story becomes even more outrageous:

  • Sam to Uncle Sam
  • Albert to Al Qaeda
  • Jack to Iraq
Happiness is Awareness: Not a day for happiness. George Bush and 9/11.
Could George W. Bush have been amongst those behind 9/11? It’s a scandalous question, but should it be asked? Photo 9/11: National Park Service, PD, via Wikipedia. Photo Bush: Agência Brasil, CC BY 3.0, via Wikipedia.

Not many Americans realize that 9/11 was an inside job. When they finally discover this fact, they frequently become angry.

While it’s understandable that anger can follow betrayal, we need to keep in mind that our feelings are created by us, not our circumstances.

The more attached we are to the things around us—identity, status, reputation, possessions, expectations and others—the more any negative changes in them will tend to upset us.

We need to make ourselves less attached so that such things do not affect us so strongly.

Awareness of 9/11

Awareness of crimes and betrayal is not a good basis for happiness. And yet ignorance of them is even worse.

But 9/11? Isn’t that old news?

If a raging fire continues to kill people and to destroy property, that fire would still be current news, even if the fire had started a decade earlier. The 9/11 event still affects government policy, the writing of new laws and the killing of foreign citizens, and even government-sponsored murder of some American citizens!

It should seem strange to any thinking person that L. Paul Bremer (who later became Occupation Governor of Iraq), and other people related to the government, knew within minutes that Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda had been behind the attacks of 9/11. In fact, Bremer, who’s office was in the South Tower, decided to go to the television studios, instead of his ill-fated office, in order to tell us this news within 3 hours after the planes struck the World Trade Center. Don’t you wish the 9/11 Commission could’ve performed its investigations this fast?

Happiness is Awareness: Not a cause for happiness. Ground zero, with Rumsfeld and Giuliani.
Donald Rumsfeld and Rudy Giuliani at 9/11 Ground Zero.

It should also seem strange that the “hero” of 9/11, Mayor Giuliani, committed a felony by cleaning up the largest crime scene in American history before an investigation could be started. What was his “innocent” reason for that felony? And don’t more murderers and accomplices wish that such cleanups were available to them after their crimes? The 9/11 Commission didn’t start until over 400 days after 9/11, and nearly a year after the site had been scrubbed.

It should also seem strange that all of the military officers responsible for the failures of 9/11, in protecting America, were each given promotions, instead of courts martial.

The government has its “experts,” but can we trust those experts if the government is complicit in the crime being investigated?

And for other, non-government experts who disagree with the official story, should we dismiss them just because the government and corporate media call them “conspiracy nuts?” Perhaps a few million Germans would’ve appreciated more people speaking up against Adolph Hitler and his gang. Normalcy bias got in the way—a fear of being called “unpatriotic” kept the crimes marginalized long enough for the damage to become irreversible.

Nearly 2,000 engineers and architects, plus nearly 20,000 scientists, PhDs and concerned citizens have staked their reputations on scientific evidence, and the conclusions drawn from, them that reject the official “conspiracy theory” (see, www.AE911Truth.org for more details).

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Asymmetric (lopsided) damage never leads to symmetrical (perfectly centered) collapse. Picture, if you will, a tree chopped on one side, ultimately falling straight down through hundreds of pounds of undamaged wood, destroying the tree in the process. Nothing left but saw dust. This is what the government is trying to sell us. They say that something similar happened to 3 skyscrapers in New York. The first time, ever in history. And, so far, also the last.
  • Perfect free fall can only occur in a building collapse when controlled demolition (explosives and/or incendiaries) is used. Asymmetric damage and a few random office fires will not perform the necessary synchronized destruction of supporting beams in the needed, perfectly timed fashion. If you had a sledge hammer and knocked one of the legs out from under a table, that table would not collapse straight down. You’d have to knock out the other legs at the same instant, otherwise you’d get a lopsided collapse. And the collapse cannot be at free fall acceleration, because the other legs are in the way. Simple, right? The government scientists are committing scientific and professional fraud in their reports on 9/11! And this also goes for the corporate-sponsored report by Popular Mechanics, supposedly debunking 9/11 Truth. When corporations and factions within the government conspire to commit crimes against their own people and to cover them up, it’s hard for these citizens to know who to trust, especially when those corporations run the news media.
  • Tons of iron microspheres in the 9/11 dust stand as startling evidence of recently molten and atomized iron. Jet fuel and office fires cannot produce the required temperatures to have created all of this molten iron. But thermate or nano-thermite could easily create tons of molten iron, plus the persistently high temperatures, below the rubble pile, that lasted for weeks after 9/11.

But don’t let all this talk of murder, lies and betrayal get you down. Here’s a 5-minute, tongue-in-cheek video to tickle your funny bone. Nine-eleven doesn’t always have to be so serious.

Happiness Despite Betrayal

If you truly learn to forgive, you will understand that there is no “us versus them.” You will know that each one of us needs to take 100% responsibility for the situation—even 9/11. You also know that utter humility is required, because anything less would get in the way of taking responsibility. You know that unconditional love is required in order to forgive. And you know that perfect confidence (faith) remains an essential element of forgiveness.

Such “true forgiveness,” is thus an act of creation. And just like your emotions, you can create the freedom from the resentment that would otherwise hinder your own happiness.

This article was originally published 2013:0210 on And-the-Pursuit-Of-Happiness.com.

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