The Joke of Modern Medicine — Brilliant Science Blinded by Arrogance and Money

Modern Medicine: Dr. Evil
Modern medicine and Doctor Evil are destroying health, rather than restoring it. Most MD’s don’t know what they’re doing. They don’t know the history behind the petrochemical poisons they prescribe.

Modern medicine is a joke. People are living longer, yes, but in what condition? Are they vibrantly healthy until 120, or do they limp along, taking a handful of medicines just to stay alive, despite the pain and growing dementia?

There are many things which can affect the body. But there is one item which affects the body more than all the other things combined. The irony is, the doctors of modern medicine don’t study this one powerful item. It’s called nutrition. Most doctors get one brief course on the topic and then move on to more “interesting,” modern medicine stuff.

This is as insane as car mechanics studying macramé and refusing to study engines, fuel and lubricants. Okay, this isn’t a perfect analogy, but I’m sure you get the idea. More bulk in the form of food gets into the body than any other substance. Add up all of the air, light, pollution, water, and pathogens—these don’t compare to the impact of the food we eat.

“You are what you eat,” is a common phrase most of us have heard. And it makes a lot of sense. Many Americans eat three meals and numerous snacks each day. Every one of those periods of ingestion (eating) is another opportunity to put something good or something bad into our bodies.

How many nurses talked to their doctors about nutrition and were laughed at? “Oh, you’re one of those,” the doctor might say with a sneer of ridicule. I’ve heard of at least one instance of this. I suspect this attitude is far more prevalent than many might suspect.

It pains me to say it, but most of today’s modern medicine doctors are the real quacks. Their job is to prescribe poisons that damage the body, but make immense profits for the Medical Industry.

Earlier this year, I lost my brother, Larry. He wouldn’t listen to me about alternative methods of healing—the kind that had saved me from the brink of death over 8 years ago. But he wanted his “modern medicine.” That was his choice. I will sorely miss him.

Modern Medicine is Against Cures

Modern Medicine: prisoners at concentration camp funded by Bayer and BASF pharmaceutical companies
Jews in Nazi concentration camp, victims of Pharmaceutical company greed, both Bayer and BASF helped to kill 60 million in WW2.

It makes me a little angry that so-called “modern medicine” has corrupted the art of healing so profoundly. Instead of using nature to help cure illnesses, the Medical Industry uses poisons to maintain diseases. Modern medicine is a cutthroat business meant to grow profits and eliminate competition. They are guilty of mass murder, but won’t be convicted, because they hide behind ignorance or the pretense of “caring.”

Even if there were no sinister conspiracy behind this, there is certainly sufficient pressure to increase the bottom line. Cures kill profits. Health maintenance proves wimpy on sales. Disease maintenance is the giant of corporate profit. Why? Because maintaining a disease means the patient keeps coming back just to stay alive. The patient is powerfully motivated to hand over their money, again and again and again. It’s an extortion racket.

In my book, Dirt Ordinary, I show how conspiracies are far more common than most people think. In fact, there are at least 489 new conspiracies starting every second, on average. The reason is simple: People are selfish or self-concerned.

I suspect that most doctors are good people. They want to help.

Not long ago, I saw a video where a doctor had discovered that the vaccines he had been giving children contained the heavy-metal toxin, mercury, in them. He immediately stopped giving the vaccines, after thirty years of blissful ignorance. Most doctors simply do not know what they’re doing. They’re living a lie started by powerful psychopaths with lots of money.

The Rockefellers had lots of oil and needed new customers. So, they got behind the petrochemical medicine idea. They funded medical colleges, but insisted that their men become members of the schools’ boards of directors to ensure that their money was well spent. Real medicine died back then—more than a century ago.

Revisiting our car analogy, let us say you have a loud clanking noise from your engine. Your mechanic takes a sledge hammer to your engine and the clanking stops. “Cured,” says the mechanic. “But,” you say, “you’ve killed the car.” That’s modern medicine.

But real medicine is being reborn, despite the cutthroat mentality of the big corporations. It is being reborn despite the catcalls of “quack” and “charlatan.” Today, I saw a video that gave me new hope for humanity. It’s the first of nine episodes documenting a world tour to discover what the true cancer experts are doing to prevent, treat and cure the illness. I encourage you, your family and all your friends to watch this.

And it’s about time. So-called “modern medicine,” corporate style, has thrown billions of dollars against curing cancer and has made zero real progress. And their treatments continue to kill patients along with the disease. Too bad they don’t have a separate statitstic for deaths by treatment.

When the corporations own the newspapers and the pharmaceutical companies, who do you think they will side with when people compare modern medicine with real medicine?

Do you have any modern medicine horror stories? Do you have any successes with real medicine? What are your thoughts?

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