Outlawing Guns and Drugs — Government Madness

Outlawing Guns and Drugs: Dudley Brown firing semi-automatic rifle
Dudley Brown using a semi-automatic rifle. Outlawing guns could prevent this, but what are the dangers? Photo: Dudley Brown (PD).

Outlawing Guns is Crazy

Guns don’t kill. People do. People also use knives, baseball bats, fists, elbows, feet, cars and anything else that’s convenient. It’s not the fault of the knife, bat, car or gun. It’s the fault of the person wielding the item. Putting responsibility where it belongs is the only sane response. First of all, the person doing the crime is responsible.

And we are each responsible, if we are to solve the problems of the world. To the sensitive person who frequently thinks in terms of victims and their rights, the idea of others taking responsibility for the acts of perpetrators may seem crazy. But they’re thinking 2-dimensionally. They don’t think they’re connected to everyone else. They remain separate and selfish—”me” versus “them.”

When we all take responsibility for each other, then we solve the problems of the world. This is the unselfish approach. This is people working together as deciding individuals, instead of as unthinking collectivists.

Outlawing Guns and Drugs: Leland Yee
Leland Yee, former California legislator keen on outlawing guns, until he was convicted of gun trafficking and other crimes. Photo: Tim Bartel (CC BY-SA 2.0)

In a Stossel television episode entitled, “Texas vs. California,” John Stossel interviewed Leland Yee, a Democratic State Senator for California’s District 8, which includes parts of San Francisco and the Peninsula. In that segment of the program, the topic was gun control and the use of guns by school faculty and administration. Yee was vehemently against gun use by school employees. On the other side, Suzanna Gratia Hupp, a former Republican State Representative for Texas’s District 54, wholeheartedly supports teachers and school administrators carrying concealed weapons. Hupp had witnessed first-hand what obeying gun control laws can do to prevent law-abiding citizens from protecting their loved ones. Both of her parents were killed by a lone gunman and her handgun had been dutifully left in her car glove compartment a mere hundred feet away.

That Stossel interview was aired January 17, 2013. Quite ironically, on March 26, 2014—a little over a year later—the FBI arrested Yee for gun trafficking, amongst other things. Yee may be an example of extreme hypocrisy, but the pretense doesn’t end there.

Some state and federal legislators want people not to have guns, even if it is to protect themselves. Would those same legislators be willing to give up their armed bodyguards? Somehow, I think not.

Outlawing guns only makes law-abiding gun owners into outlaws. We already have plenty of outlaws owning guns. Passing laws is not going to force them magically to give up their guns. And, as in the case of Hupp losing her parents, such laws can make people more vulnerable.

Outlawing Drugs is Crazy

Outlawing Guns and Drugs: crack cocaine smokers.
Crack cocaine smokers in Vancouver alleyway. Does outlawing drugs really help them? (PD)

Like outlawing guns, outlawing drugs is also crazy. Why?

Drugs are not the problem. They’re the symptom. Outlawing drugs doesn’t solve the root problem.

Why do governments like outlawing drugs? One justification seems to be that drug users go crazy and steal from others to pay for their next hit. Drug users are less responsible and more prone to violence or other criminal acts. Drugs make people less productive.

There is some truth to all of this, but the problem is with the individual, not the drug. Many drug users never cause such problems. We don’t outlaw cars when people drive recklessly. We take the driver’s license, fine the driver and sometimes put them in jail. All well and good. Right target. Kicking the car is the wrong target.

Drug dealers frequently use guns to protect their turf and their illicit industry. They are in the business because drugs are illegal, so they can jack up the prices to keep up with the built-in demand. But what if drugs were made legal and priced very cheaply? Drug dealers would likely go into a different business. Drug-related crimes would virtually disappear. The government would be out of the drug business. Perhaps the CIA would have to fund their illegal operations some other way.

Government imposing its morality on individuals only makes government more powerful, individuals less free and new problems abound. People should be protected to do whatever they want to do, so long as it doesn’t harm others. That’s the best place to start. Let people decide their own course.

We need to educate people toward making their own decisions, not taking away the decision-making process and placing it in the hands of the government. We need to enable the individual; not suppress them into compliance.

Laws are needed to penalize those who impose their views on others. Oops! But government already does that. And that’s the problem. Government needs to get out of the way and put the responsibility for such things back on the individual. Compassion belongs to individual effort—not government mandate. And drugs are a problem of compassion—not legislation.

The Tyranny of Outlawing Guns

Outlawing Guns and Drugs: March on Washington
March on Washington for Gun Control. Outlawing guns has a noble purpose, but misguided. Photo: Slowking4 (CC BY-SA 3.0).

Outlawing guns, drugs and other things gives government more power. Would outlawing candy reduce obesity? Probably not. But outlawing guns serves one other purpose that the Corporate media doesn’t usually talk about, if ever. Guns in the hands of individual citizens makes the government less likely to become entirely tyrannical.

Is someone pushing the government toward more tyranny? It seems so, for that is the direction American government has been headed for decades. More and more, the Constitution is being shredded. More and more, law enforcement officers are being taught that constitutionalists are potential terrorists. Loving the founding principles of the country = terrorism? Regrettably, that’s the way things have been heading, especially since 9/11. And 9/11 was an inside job. The proof of this is something the mainstream (Corporate) media won’t touch, except to ridicule.

Perhaps, it shouldn’t surprise us to hear that some feel the government is behind many, if not all, of the lone gunmen mass murders. We already know that the government is largely owned by the Corporations. If this were not the case, then we would see hundreds of pharmaceutical executives in jail for involuntary manslaughter. Instead, Big Pharma has paid tiny fines (billions compared to their hundreds of billions in profits), and executives don’t have to admit any wrongdoing. We would see thousands of bankers in jail for the 2008 housing fiasco. Instead, the bankers got $700 Billion in bailouts.

Of course, any talk that the government has committed some conspiracy is frequently ridiculed by those who have not done their homework. Conspiracies are dirt ordinary. Governments commit conspiracies all the time. This is part of the CIA’s and NSA’s operating basis. This is part of military standard operating procedure. This is increasingly a standard for scientists. Remember Climate-Gate? Those scientists were found guilty of crimes, but were not punished because of expired statutes of limitation. The top military brass responsible for the massive security failures on 9/11 all received promotions instead of courts martial. Let that single fact sink into your brain for awhile. The government rewarded incompetence in the face of a deadly enemy… or did it? Or was it rewarding those who aided in the False Flag attack on itself (a conspiracy of the darkest kind)? The beneficiaries of 9/11 were largely major corporations in the Military-Industrial-Complex.

Slow Creep of Government Outlawing Liberty

Outlawing Guns and Drugs: Suzanna Hupp in support of gun freedoms.
Suzanna Hupp testifying in front of the US Senate. She suffered from outlawing guns, yet remains a vocal opponent of gun control laws. Photo: US Senate (PD).

To any student of history, the United States government has increasingly become one of outlawing the very liberties upon which it was founded. Besides outlawing guns, now, free speech is increasingly beleaguered. HR 347 makes free speech punishable as a felony in some instances, and secret service agents are able to use their own discretion in determining what they find to be objectionable speech.

More and more campuses now have free speech zones that prevent students from speaking to their fellow students, except those who happen to be walking through that zone. In some instances, the zones are located at one of the places on campus which receives the least traffic. This effectively silences any free speech. Increasingly, the government seems to be encouraging this breach of the First Amendment.

There seems to be one class of people who walk around feeling wounded all the time. They remain perpetual victims to others who are not politically correct.

I once lived in California (for 25 years) and experienced this mentality creep into schools, business and everyday life. During my younger, more naive days, I supported some of this. It seemed the natural thing to do. Government was not doing enough to protect us. I was a Liberal Democrat. But after years of studying history and listening to both sides of these issues, it became clear that I had been drinking the socialist victim Kool-Aid too long.

Outlawing guns, drugs and more make us all less safe, because it gives far too much power to the central government. Perhaps it’s time for us to take back the liberty that the victims have tried to take from us.

This article was originally published 2016:0202 on RodMartinJr.com.

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