Too Little Compassion — Muslims Didn’t Do 9/11

Too little compassion: Syrian refugee children
Terrorists? No, these little girls are Syrian refugee children in Lebanon. Do you have too little compassion for them? Photo: Trocaire of Ireland (CC BY 2.0) via

There’s too little compassion in the world today. Fear seems to have taken hold and people are going crazy protecting themselves. And there it is—the dirty word, the source of all evil—self-concern. This is the opponent to compassion.

Too Little Compassion for Refugees

The recent controversy over Syrian refugees is one potent example of too little compassion. They have been “invading” Europe and being welcomed into the United States and other countries by their respective governments. But the people have been saying, “Not here! Keep them out. Dirty Muslims, associated with ISIS/ISIL/Al Qaeda/CIA.” They didn’t use these exact words, but the intent or attitude was similar.

One of my cousins was even spouting this venom on Facebook, and she grew up Southern Baptist (Christian). Perhaps Christian in name only, because she was exhibiting an unreasonable fear, selfishness and too little compassion for people in need.

One post on Twitter showed Michael Moore, activist and documentary producer, saying that he would allow some refugees in his own home. The person posting the picture, however, ridiculed Moore for showing compassion. It seems we live in a new Dark Age, where the hearts have grown cold and our eyes dulled by the drug of self-concern.

Too Little Compassion for Muslims

About a year ago, I saw a news piece on Americans being surveyed to see if they approved of the CIA using torture. Of course, many of those being tortured are Muslims, those scary people who supposedly did 9/11. An overwhelming majority approved of torture, according to the survey. In today’s frightened world, the government doesn’t need evidence to incarcerate—only suspicion. Innocent people have been jailed on such suspicions.

Because of their lack of compassion, Americans have been willing to give up their constitutional protections to gain so-called government protections against boogeymen.

Fear is driving people to reject care and empathy and to embrace societal imprisonment and lack of privacy. It is even driving Christians to become non-Christians.

One of my favorite statesmen, UKIP’s Nigel Farage of the EU parliament, has tainted his standing with me over his negative statements regarding the refugees. I understand the concerns of violence by Muslim immigrants, but this only shows a failure of the system and too little compassion by people in the effected countries.

The fact that people depend and rely on the system (government) to do their compassion is part of the problem. The problems could be solved with more compassion—helping immigrants acclimate and learn the new culture, helping them learn the language, find jobs and more. Self-concern only separates us and makes us cold and heartless.

Too Little Compassion for Those Who Didn’t Do 9/11\

Too little compassion: Syrian refugees passing through Slovenia
Too little compassion for Syrian refugees passing through Slovenia to Germany. Photo: Robert Coltič (CC BY 3.0) via

Not long after 9/11, a Sikh gas station owner was shot and killed in Phoenix, Arizona by a young white man who wanted to do his part for fighting back against Muslims for doing 9/11. The biggest problem with his crime is that the businessman was not Muslim and had nothing to do with 9/11. Muslims are not the only ones who wear turbans.

Looking back at the news feeds from 9/11, and the days that followed, it is truly amazing how quickly the event was blamed on Muslims. Within minutes!

In the years leading up to 9/11, the CIA fast-tracked visas for Muslim fighters to get them into the United States. One consulate visa officer refused to go along with this illegal operation and was subsequently let go. When the government wont obey its own laws, you have to know that something is rotten in America.

The supposed 19 hijackers were patsies, protected by the FBI for weeks prior to 9/11. Field agents wanted to detain and question the supposedly future, would-be hijackers, but headquarters told them to stand down.

So, 9/11 was not done by Muslims. The fact that three buildings in New York were prepared for weeks or months prior to 9/11 shows that 9/11 was an inside job. All three buildings came down through the path of greatest resistance. Not once did a collapsing building hesitate at each floor to do the work necessary to break the connections; and to pulverize the concrete, desks, phones, computers and other furniture. Not once did the building collapse hesitate to push all that concrete, office and human dust into the air. Each building fell with increasing acceleration which means that it did no significant work as it fell. Something else broke the connections, pulverized the concrete and ground to a fine powder the bodies of the victims.

And “America’s Mayor,” Rudy Giuliani, committed felony destruction of crime scene evidence by starting the clean-up on the evening of 9/11.

And the top military officers responsible for the massive security failures and deaths on 9/11, all received promotions instead of courts martial. Inside job, skillfully covered up and then blamed on Muslims. And the American public, suffering from too little compassion, went along with the Corporate media’s portrayal of Muslims as the perpetrators.

The Cure for Too Little Compassion: Unconditional Love

Too little compassion cured by helping hand
Helping hand curing too little compassion. Photo: 942575 by jclk8888 via

The governments will continue to sneak in terrorists to stir up the fears of citizens everywhere. We should not be surprised by this. It will continue to happen so long as governments are owned by the Corporations. This allows them to gain even more control so long as we knee-jerk react to the fear with which they are prodding us.

The way out of the madness of too little compassion is to start removing our own self-concern and turning our attention outward toward loving others unconditionally.

It was once said that the world will be left to its own devices when the rescue mission is done. Those who are left behind will fall into wailing and gnashing of teeth—fear and sadness versus anger and rage. This is talking of the victim-perpetrator cycle where forgiveness and love are completely forgotten, and self-concern becomes the rule. Pure evil reigns and hell on Earth conquers all that is left.

Not a pretty picture, this. But you have within you the ability to change that bleak future. Find all the ways you can off-load self-concern and your own too little compassion. Convert it into concern and kindness for others without any need for anything in return. The more you don’t even need to feel good for having helped others, even if anonymously, the closer you will get to true compassion and perfect love.

Questions? I still have plenty of questions of my own, but I’ve learned a lot and happy to share. I’ve seen miracles that would startle you, even if you believe in them.

I won’t be here forever, so ask your questions, now. I’m happy to help in any way I can.

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